Welcome to Alesia Communications.

If you are reading these lines, you are probably in search of genuine renewable energy industry PR experts. Your quest ends here, read on...

Alesia Communications was founded in 2011 in London by two passionate renewable energy marketing executives, and initially called Collings & Monney. Our agency finds its true premises in the realisation that there was, at the time, a total lack of specialised communication consultants servicing the renewable energy sector.

Indeed, having collaborated with a number of large PR agencies in our previous lives at Renewable Energy World, Wind Europe and the RES group, we were consistently disappointed by these consultants’ absence of relevant knowledge of the renewable energy sector as a whole, and more specifically of its industry – its supply chain, its drivers, its markets, its engineering capabilities and challenges, and of course its people. In short all the factors that come together to take a project from site investigation all the way to commissioning.

Add to this a lack of familiarity with the concrete communication ecosystem irrigating our global industry – its media, tradeshows and trade bodies – and it became clear to us that a new agency with the required expertise could have a bright future.

After five successful years of operation, we are proud to have worked with over thirty leading renewable energy organisations on five continents, and we continue to service the global industry with equal passion. We have also progressively accompanied our clients in sectors that have strong synergies with renewable energy, such as the storage, marine, or conventional energy industries. 

Rebranded Alesia Communications in 2014, the agency is now based in Paris, and our clients come from all over Europe, America and Asia. This considerable international PR expertise makes us a powerful and unique resource for businesses seeking hands-on, cost-efficient support.

Above all, we are proud to bring our modest contribution to an industry that is re-shaping society as we know it – creating the cleaner, freer and safer world that people deserve.

We have a real passion for energy, the environment, and communication. Let us put it to work for you!

I hope to talk to you soon,

Jonathan Collings, Managing Partner, Alesia Communications