Digital Marketing

Digital is the new cornerstone of marketing activities

Now is the time to raise to the new challenges and opportunities brought about by the constant technological innovations in digital marketing. It has changed the way we communicate. Alesia has the expertise to get you up to speed in the following areas:

Website SEO and user experience
Research has shown that 100% of BtoB buyers visit their supplier’s website at some point in the buying cycle, before making a purchase decision. Your website performance should be your top priority. We can help you to improve its performance with regards to design, content, user experience, analytics and search engine optimisation.

Digital outreach strategies
Digital communications are a proven and effective way to talk with your audience. This is also how you will effectively drive traffic back to your site. We can help you with social media, email marketing or online advertising. In addition, we can provide support in online content generation and dissemination strategies.

Paid search
We also have acquired vast experience in paid search marketing: We can put together for you targeted search marketing campaigns, such as Google Adwords campaigns.