PR & Media relations service

Alesia has a long experience working for and with the marine and renewable energy media and we probably have the most comprehensive cleantech journalist and editor network in the industry. Our global media network covers the marine and renewable energy sectors, as well as all related markets such as the broader energy sector, oil and gas, offshore, finance as well as project infrastructure, construction & engineering.

Our PR Services 

Press releases copy-writing and distribution
Thanks to our excellent copy-writing skills and our comprehensive media network, we are consistently able to deliver extensive press coverage to our clients. We can work both on a retainer or project basis depending on your needs. We have a great international track-record in this area, please check our case studies below to see the media coverage we were able to generate!

We work with journalists and editors of the cleantech and marine sectors on a daily basis. This enables us to identify and secure every PR opportunities suitable for our clients. We can help you write your editorial contributions, white papers, but also blog posts or social contributions to ultimately help to establish your thought-leader position in the market.

Tailor-made Media Monitoring Service
We offer a tailor-made media monitoring service, providing you with a weekly digest covering the news about your brand, your competitors, and the latest articles related to your specific sector of activity. This is not a traditional automated media monitoring service: your news digest will be compiled every week by an experienced marine and energy PR professional.  We offer this service at the fixed rate of €560/month.